RED – Fraternite – Bisexual Hypnosis


Cocksucking Hypnosis mp3 forced bi

By massive popular request – and, ok, I might get off on man on man just a bit.

This file will induce you to suck cock, hook up, want men, and essentially bring out the horny little homo latent in so many of you.

It’s humiliating if you are very easily humiliated. If you’re a shameless cum junkie, this won’t faze you, but you will probably have seismic orgasms from it.

Using an NLP based approach rather than a traditional induced trance, this might be inescapably effective.

Get ready to slip into something fashion forward and hit that bar, you will be at cruising altitude at last.

File under: gay stuff, forced bi, NLP, brainwashing, orgasm triggers, hot.

see how hot – grab headphones and listen.

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